High Frequency words that appear in the GRE, GMAT, IELTS, SAT etc.

Learning Vocabulary is not that Daunting (Memory trick : Haunting) anymore! 

Unique Features of the app


Mnemonics are Memory tricks used to remember the word and it's meaning in an easy way. As kids, A lot of us might have used tricks to remember historic names and dates for social studies examination. This is sort of a similar approach, which is tried and tested.  

GIFs & Cartoons

GIFs and Cartoons can be effectively used as Visual aids to remember the words. The GIFs are curated from multiple sources (GIPHY et al), which are used in a creative way to produce a lasting mental impression. 


Words Pronunciation is broken down into simple syllables, instead of using complex phonetic symbols.

Example- Abate - uh BAYT (Stress on the syllable in capital letters). 


After finishing a deck of 25 words, the user has to write a test to see how well s/he recollects the words and their meanings.  

Who will require the Vocabtrix app?

Test Prep- For students preparing for tests that have tough english component, such as GRE, SAT, GMAT, IELTS etc. Our bank of 550+ words and their synonyms and antonyms, altogether make a great resource for test prep! 

General- Those who want to learn how to use the words in day to day speaking/writing, can also benefit through multiple sample sentences available for each word.  

 Our Story !

Couple of decades ago, Raju wanted to pursue higher education in one of the well ranked Universities abroad. He had one big hurdle- The GRE Verbal. With just a few months of time in hand, Raju had to learn those words he never had heard before. This challenge was the inspiration behind Raju's Memory tricks and Cartoons, using which he has been teaching the GRE Verbal since 2006.